Saturday, May 24, 2008

South African Rugby Common Sense

I hear today that the South Africans have decided that they will pick players from the European rugby competition. I think this is a huge decision. I think it is bold and common sense in a professional world. I think we need to join them in this, but not quite yet. What we need to do down here in NZ is get the Super competition and test program sorted and then we will be in a position to open the door. We need to have a Super program that runs from Feb until June, double round. This is the professional program. We need to open it up to private backing to increase the wealth in the program. We need to set in place very good regulations so that the AB's can have the players they want for their program. We need to let players play anywhere in the world and be available for the World Cup. It will weaken NZ rugby to an extent but who cares. The tests between world cups mean nothing, the last world cup proves it. We need to go the way of soccer. Our best players will get better playing in Europe, and when they come together they will be brilliant. We are at the turning point where the best All Blacks put together in Europe will soon be better than the best here. At that point we HAVE to allow it. Let the game go professional. Get our own program sorted so there is good money here and good opportunities. Not all our players will go anyway, they have a limit on money over there and will block them when their rugby starts to have too many overseas players. So... get things sorted here, then let it go.

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