Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Destiny Launch, Christian Parties!

I watched the news tonight. I was thrilled to see another attempt at a Christian party! Destiny are going into bed with Gordon Copeland to form a party to stand for Christian values. The whole thing turned into a disaster. Brian Tamaki announced the disolution of Destiny and the formation of a new as yet unnamed Christian party. He announced that Richard Lewis would again lead it, but with a yet to be accounced leader. Meanwhile Independent MP Gordon Copeland was interviewed admitting he was totally surprised that Richard Lewis would be join leader. Unbelievable! Do such people not talk to each other. Good solid Christian communication!

Copeland's response was classic: 'I think I can probably live with that, but the reality is that I have got five years of parliamentary experience!' What a vote of confidence for Lewis! What a start of a political partnership! What a witness to grace and Christian relationship. He then went on in a totally condescending way to say, 'So from my point of view quite a lot of mentoring will have to happen, there will have to be quite a lot of guidance given to Richard as he comes into this new party, but I'm prepared at least to make the effort to see that happen.'

Far out! So who is the leader? Are these guys on the same page? What page is it? Page one of, 'how to launch a political party for dummies!' Or better, 'how to launch a Christian political party for dummies'. Or better again, 'how to be dummies!'

Then Lewis responded saying that Copeland shouldn't be surprised because the decision was made weeks ago. Why then didn't they make a press announcement together without Bishop Brian involved. What is Bishop Brian even doing there? Who is the real leader? A herald article notes that Tamaki will be on the 15 person 'national advisory council'. It seems he may stand himself.

Lewis also said, 'we are in an early teething stage!' We hadn't noticed!

Interestingly the ruling council is supposedly inclusive of Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Salvation Army, Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charismatic churches who do not speak for their churches but as individuals.

Anywho! As I blogged a week or two ago, what is a Christian party? I am certain this is not the start Jesus would want! What will make them Christian. Being anti-gay? Being pro-family? Being advocates for the poor? Being advocates for world peace? For reduction in global warming? I have my doubts that they will achieve much at all! If they make the 5% threshold I will be stunned.

Still good for them. I imagine that they feel God is leading them to do this. I pray that they will become united and stand for Christ in grace and love and the full breadth of the gospel. May God be glorified through them.


Nichthus said...

Hiya Mark,

Can't say I'm as gracious as you are when it comes to "Christian" political parties... and interesting to see the wheels already wobbling on this one: and

Seems politics may always be, well, political!

Dr Mark K said...

Fair enought Nichthus. I hear since that Copeland is distancing himself. I think the damage is done. I think the damage was done when the Heritage party collapsed and Capel went down!