Monday, September 10, 2007

Dixon, Federer, Woods and Powell

Far out. What a day in sport? Firstly, we have kiwi Scott Dixon running out of gas 200m from the line in the final race of the season in the IndeCar series! How can it be? Now I am not a petrol head, but this has to be someone's fault and it shouldn't have happened! Poor Scott! But dang it, someone should pay!

Then there is the brilliance of Federer; his 12th Grand Slam title! This is amazing. The guy is a freak!

Then there is Woods again winning, this time coming from behind with brilliant putting. We live in an age with 2 of the greatest sportsmen in history; what a privilege!

What about Powell; 9.74 100m! Far out, brilliant! Or is it? He lost the World Champs 100m to Tyson Gay the other day. He seems to choke. True! But he is fast! That is quick. Then again, is he on something?

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