Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Evidence: South Africa are the team to beat

In March this year I wrote ( that the final of the world cup will be NZ vs South Africa. I wrote, 'If this is the final it will be tumultuous, aggressive and incredibly close. I think the South Africans will be formidable if they get there and it will be anyones game. I do believe unless terrible injury intervenes (or food poisoning etc), NZ will win this one.'

I still think this, but the demolition of England today by SA 36-0 is evidence, SA are good, really good! I can't see them being stopped before the final. NZ will have to be at the absolute top of their game to compete and perhaps win.

Mind you, it is not clear how good SA are in light of the utter ineptitude of England. They have no pace to the breakdown, lumbering gorilla's in the forward pack, have no penetration and pace out wide. Robinson is a danger from broken play, but one man can do so much. So perhaps it was more about England's weakness. If so, then the northern teams are not a threat!

But it is tracking toward my prediction except for one thing, this could be the start of an era of greatness for SA. They have the makings of a great team.

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