Friday, September 7, 2007

Teresa Gattung and the poor

I see in the paper the other day that Teresa Gattung has left Telecom with a $3.9m payout! Nice! This on top of her rather disappointing $1.25m per year. In fact according to the NZ Herald all up she leaves with a $5.125m payout plus 12 weeks annual leave (! I say disappointing; especially when her successor Paul Reynolds will receive $1.75m/anum!

Joking aside, this is disgusting; a disgrace to our nation. Telecom are oppressing New Zealanders with exorbidant prices for cell phones and phone lines etc; and they are doing this! This is an example of the gap between rich and poor which is growing in our nation.

I feel guilty though. A while ago I was taken by the option of switching from Vodafone to Telecom in one of those deals, and I took it. Of course I can't jump back because I signed one of those 12 month deals. But then, what is the problem, I am sure Vodafone are no different.

I can hear the voice of Amos and the other 8th century prophets. I can hear the voice of Jesus speaking the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, the rich fool, the story of the rich ruler, Zaccheus; crying 'woe to the rich...' Bring on the eschatological reversal I say! There is no justice in this decision; there is no justification for this decision. We need to beware all of us in this nation. Jesus warned, 'be on your guard against all kinds of greed'; this is greed. And to think there are preachers in this nation preaching prosperity, prosperity, prosperity. As if we can just be obedient, tithe and watch the bucks roll in! They would celebrate Teresa G; after all her blessing indicates she is blessed of God, doesn't it? NOT!

We need to stand against this injustice. We need to resist this oppression. We need to shout from the roof tops the message of Jesus. I pray for her and others like her... I pray that this camel can find someway through the eye of the needle!

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