Friday, December 1, 2006


So, wazzup. This is a site of pure rambling. It will have some glorious attempts at theology but on the whole will be decidedly uninteresting to most of the universe. Feel free to pop in and out as led by some impulse (repulse?).

Have been thinking a lot about leadership in the wake of the National Party change of leadership and the Stadium fiasco. In regards to National a few thoughts come to mind. Key looks like he is heading back to the centre right, which will draw a few new voters. I think they will present a more "Christian" picture of morality, but will they care for the poor? Mind you, are Labour caring for the poor?

The demise of Don Brash is no surprise to me. When I heard his second marriage had gone down the gurgler through infidelity I realised that he was no "honest Don". It seems to me that we can all make mistakes in this regard, but to do so twice suggests that you are really a dishonest person. So when all the e-mail stuff broke and Don is revealed to be "dishonest Don" I am not surprised. We Christians know that there can be no dualism between private and public life. If you will lie to your wife, you will lie to the country. For me, Don has finished poorly, which is sad.

The stadium affair has also revealed some interesting things. First, Trevor will never be PM; good leaders do their homework before flying the kite. He had not done his homework! If he had, he would never have gone public with his grandiose plan. Let's face it, whether or not the stadium on the waterfront was a good idea, it was never going to happen in a city like Auckland. And the state of Auckland leadership! God help us! Division between the different groups is radical. What a mess. I don't think it is lack of leadership; it is lack of a good structure!

So this all speaks to us about leadership. Good leaders make good decisions; are ethically consistent at home and work; they don't fly kites in public but do their homework knowing that they will get their ideas through! I should know, I have made some mistakes in the past!

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