Sunday, December 3, 2006


Yo again. How is it? Feeling miserable? Had a tough day or week or year? Feeling lost? Here's 10 things to lift your spirit, if you choose to let them.

1. God created the universe with you in mind as the apex of his creation!
2. God created you to spend eternity with him, all you have to do is say "yes"!
3. God oversaw your formation in your mother's womb and has a life prepared for you!
4. God in his determination to ensure that you would spend eternity with him despite your failures and weaknesses, became flesh, died a gruesome death for you, and rose from the dead to ensure that you can. All you have to do is say, "yes"!
5. It doesn't matter what happens, whether a nuclear disaster, a terrible illness, God is with you and you will be with him forever if you just say "yes"!
6. Even though it is hard to accept in the hard times, God is with you in them and will use them to grow you into the great person he created you to be! Just hang in there.
7. Even though everyone you meet might despise you or reject you; even though you might be not much good at anything; you are OK cause God is with you! Just hang in there.
8. God sent you a message to encourage you; Jesus and he is found through the bible!
9. God has a purpose for you in this world, to work on his behalf with his power to be an agent of transformation. Ask him to lead you to it, and he will, and you will make a difference.
10. God invites you to spend eternity with him in a world free of death, evil, suffering, pain, illness, strife and all things wrong; just say "yes" and it is yours!

Putting it bluntly. U R LUVED! Accept the love of God and have a kit kat!

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