Sunday, December 24, 2006

Highlights 2006

Here are my global highlights for 2006.
Sportsman of the year: Roger Federer winner of 3/4 major tennis tournaments and second in the other one! Not bad. Just beat out Tiger who won 2/4 major golf tournaments. Third is Michael Greis winner of 3 Winter Olympic Biathlon medals. Fourth is Fernando Alonso, winner of the Formula One Motorsport Champs.

Sportswoman of the year: Amelie Mauresmo wimmer of 2/4 major tennis tournaments. Second is Ahn Hyun Soo of South Korea who won three golds and a bronze at the winter Olympics speed skating. Third is team mate Jin Sun-Yu who won 3 speed skating golds as well! Fourth is another speed skater Cindy Klassen who won 1 gold, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes at the same event. These women are legends!

Sportsteam of the year: Italy soccer team. Winners of the biggest event of the biggest sport of the year; a no brainer. Second though is the Spanish Basketball team which won the world champs including the USA!

Twit of the year: No brainer: Zidane! That head butt was great TV but a brain implosion of glorious madness!

NZ Sportsman of the Year: Richie McCaw! A legend. Mahe Drysdale a close second.

NZ Sportswoman of the Year: Valerie Adams. No challenges

NZ Sportsteam of the Year: All Blacks of course; what a team!

NZ Twit of the Year: Mmmmm. A hard one! Has to be the chairman of the NZ rugby league Sel Bennett over the Nathan Fien affair! Talk about a litany of stupidity!

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