Monday, December 4, 2006

So I went to church

So I did go to church yesterday and it was great. The music rocked and it was a great experience. So often that is the case. But what if it hadn't been; should this mean I give it up and walk away.

I often ponder what Paul would have said to the question, "do I have to go to church to be a Christian?" In one sense he would have said yes, for one is saved by grace, through faith and not through works; going to church would be a salvation-work if we made it essential for salvation. On the other hand he would have been surprised and frustrated by the question. For Paul I am sure the church is not a place! So you don't have to go. Rather it is a people; and he would have I am sure believed it was important to be a part of the people into which one had been united in Christ!

So I am glad I went. The sermon was great. The lunch afterwards was good too as the elders and other leaders of the church had their final get together for the year.

So I say to all of those who are frustrated with church; become the solution, get involved, serve, use your gifts to enhance it. If that church won't have you or encourage you, go down the road and keep going until you find a people of God who will love you and encourage you to serve them


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