Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Jesus is in your boat

Yo again. Time to change direction. I was reading Mk 4:35-41 today and something caught my eye that gives me great comfort. It is the story of Jesus in the boat when the storm hits. Mark's description tells us it is a really serious storm, a hurricane with great wind and waves that were swamping the boat. While this is going on and the disciples are totally freaking out, Jesus is asleep in a cushion in the stern! It is the disciple's question that they ask of Jesus that gets me. They wake him up and ask, 'teacher, don't you care if we drown?' Do we not often ask a similar question when the going gets tough, 'Jesus, don't you care?' I certainly do when the going gets tough and I have unanswered prayer or struggle in my life.

Well Jesus response is wonderful. He does not say anything but he acts in their interests taking control, commanding the wind and the waves. So the answer is, Jesus does care.

The story goes on with Jesus challenging their lack of faith, asking why they were afraid. We can easily criticise the disciples here; yet, for me, the disciples are behaving in a normal way. I have been in a hurricane as a boy in Niue and let me tell you it is scary to roofs, trees and more flying across the sky. I was scared. Yet Jesus saw this fear as opposed to faith. He encourages them to totally trust him. He may be asleep in the boat, but he is with us.

So, how is it with you. Are you in a boat in the middle of a hurricane. Well be assured, don't be afraid, Jesus is with you; and he cares; so much so, that he will act on your behalf.


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