Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Go the Aussies

It is the day after the Ashes and it is time to salute Australian cricket. I am one eighth Aussie, my Dad's Mum was from there, so a little part of me is rather Australian.

I love Australian cricket. It is sensational. Warne has to be the best bowler I have ever seen. I used to bowl leg-spin in my youth and I simply cannot believe he can bowl so consistently. His life may be a disaster off the field, but he can sure bowl. Hussey is a freak. He is en-route to have the second best record of any batsmen since Bradman. Ponting is sensational. I am not sure if he is the best I have seen but he ranks with G. Chappell, Richards and Lara for sure. Matthew Hayden may be passed his best, but he is the best opener I have seen. Then there is McGrath; he is past his best too, but still one of the best of all time. The rest of them are legends too whether it be Lee, Clark (he is going to be a legend for sure), Langer (a legend), Martin (bon voyage), Symonds (he will do great things in tests), Clarke etc.

The English are not bad I reckon. I think they would spank NZ at this time! Mind you, who wouldn't with our batting lineup! They have simply been outclassed. I hope they can find some form for the remainder of the games.

So here's to the Aussies! Good on ya mate. I will always support NZ against Aussie, but deep down I know the Aussies are the best.

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