Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Can we put an end to the 'end of the day'?

It was Sean Fitzpatrick who coined the term 'at the end of the day'. It is now in the NZ psychie as the way to describe the moment where it all comes to the crunch. How many times do we have to put up with it? It is driving me insane. So, in the hope that some NZ sports nuts will move to a new vocab, can I suggest:

'At the conclusion of the light hours'
'At the beginning of the night'
'At the point at which the sun goes down over the horizon'
'When we all go to bed'
There is always the 'when the fat lady sings' or the politically correct version, 'when the well-portioned man-woman sings'
'When the game is over!' How about that!
'When the pies are put out'
'When the lights go out'

Now, there are many more you may come up with. However, this is enough for now. Sean was a great captain but a boring repetitive cliche one-liner speaker. Can we see a new breed of NZ sports people who don't parrot good old Fitzy!

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