Monday, October 15, 2007

No surprise

South Africa's comprehensive win today is no surprise. They are a complete side now. What happened today should have happened twice for the AB's, knocking over France and then England with strong forward play, defence, goal kicking and attacking. Instead, the AB's were poorly prepared and foundered on inadequate preparation.

What a dream run for the South Africans; has any team ever had a run like this? Fiji and then Argentina in the play-offs! Neither of these sides are equipped to win the cup.

I can't see England beating the Boks. They fought well against France but the match showed that neither the French or the English have the x-factor. I predict a good win to the Boks. They are playing with passion and belief. They are fine-tuned. They have had an easy run and so have fuel in the tank. They have brilliance out wide and devastation upfront. I think it will be closer than 36-0 as the English are better than that and are playing much better. But I can't see them winning.

Who do I want to win? Neither. I can't stomach the thought that either England or SA have won 2 world cups and we in NZ only 1. Well that proves that we are not the number one team in the world despite our claims to this. We don't know how to prepare to win the cup. Oh well, I will go for the Boks. They are Southern Hemisphere and they play a good brand of rugby. For rugby's sake, I hope the Boks get up.

I think the NZRFU's decision to leave players out of the Super 14 helped this occur. In that time SA grew and arm and a leg in confidence and now are en-route to rule the world. Fancy winning a cup without playing France, NZ, Wales, Ireland, Scotland or Australia! Interesting! The cards have sure fallen for the Boks.

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