Thursday, October 11, 2007


Interesting reaction in the world press to Doug Howlett's antics. At one level one can see why people are up at arms. On the large, a few too many, gets carried away, knocks about a few cars. Not the sort of behaviour one might expect from a role model to the youth of society. Binge-drinking again! All Blacks should be above that!

On the other hand, these guys are only human! Here is Doug H, a year ago ranked the 4th best wing in NZ and probably on the outer for the world cup. He has a great season and knocks out Rico Gear, a truly brilliant player. He gets picked, breaks the NZ test try scoring record, and is probably with Ali Williams the NZ star of the cup.

Then the teams for the quarter finals are named and Dougie misses out! No doubt he was gutted. As it turned out, his experience was sorely missed as were Chris Jack and Aaron Mauger. Then, before he could blink the AB's were gone, out of the cup!

So he has a few too many, makes an error of judgement and before you know it, he is all over the world media. Come on! He is human! Give the guy a break.

He has apologised and is keen to make recompense, that is enough.

I say, give the guy a break.

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