Monday, October 22, 2007

World War 3?

Interesting article on Wikipedia news concerning comments on WW3: See

To summarise Bush and Putin are at it again. Bush has said this week that the Iranian nuclear program may be the trigger for WW3. Bush is quoted as saying that Iran with its leader who wants to destroy Israel and desire for nuclear weapons is a danger to security against which he is seeking to rally the world. This led to a Tehran response that Bush is either made or wanting a new world order and in fact it is the US who is the threat to world peace. Putin responded by saying Russian was boosting its nations defenses with new nuclear weapons to overcome the US anti-missile systems in Europe. Putin also suggested that the US are after Siberia's resources and has considered invading Russia!

These guys are mad! I am interested in the key words Iran, US, Russian, Israel and WW3. Interesting!

As for me, I will not try and predict anything dumb, but will keep watching with interest... It is good to know that the real world leader is our Emperor, President Jesus! Yeah!

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