Saturday, October 13, 2007

Semifinal time

So who will win the semi's now that the AB's and the Wallabies are out? France I believe will defeat England. They have had their glitch against the Argentinians. They will be too strong at home, having the psychological edge on them. Having said that, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the English got up. I hope not, it is a sad day for world rugby if 10man rugby wins the world cup. Mind you, it will, they all play it now and the AB's unbelievably did so last week, and lost!

While many commentators are picking the Argentinians I think the South Africans will be too strong. They are a great side and may win the tournament. I think the Argentinians will meet their match this time, the South Africans have to me their match up front, and superiority in the backs. Again, nothing would surprise me either way though!

The final then will probably be France-South Africa. But then I thought the AB's and Wallabies would win. How about the bloke who put a $1 million on the AB's last week; he must be feeling good!

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