Monday, October 8, 2007

Rugby, God and all that

So what do the church's do that planned events for the coming Sunday mornings. One church had Eroni Clarke coming for a breakfast, to watch the game, and give a testimony. Many other church's have planned events, like my own, where I was going to say a few words in the outreach. Oh well! Does this mean though that Satan worked feverishly to assure that the French won to stop such outreach. A cosmic conspiracy is behind NZ's loss! I certainly prayed for an AB victory; not for the outreaches, but for the poor guys involved. I feel so sorry for them, having to come back to NZ to face the criticism; all because they lost by 2 points.

It was freaky how much went the French way. The ref made mistakes esp. the Luke M sinbinning, the forward pass in the winning try; and worse, missing offsides and the French slowing the ball down at the second half breakdowns. It is rather surprising that the French gave away not one penalty in the second half!

But hey, it actually means little. It is just a game, despite the fact that a lot of NZer's worship the god of rugby. We need to get over it.

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